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Technical Reports
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DIAB-11-02-3 09-02-2011 Building 3D torus using low--profile expansion cards
DIAB-12-04-2 24-04-2012 A Coloured Petri Net Approach to Model and Analyse Stateful Workflows Based on WS-BPEL and WSRF
DIAB-00-01-07 31-01-2000 A comparative study between two general methods for the approximate construction of regular polygons by using mathematica
DIAB-09-04-3 20-04-2009 A comparative study between WSCI, WS-CDL, and OWL-S
DIAB-02-01-31 01-10-2002 A Congruence relation in finite sPBC
DIAB-98-01-02 01-10-1998 A Denotational Model for Probabilistic and Nondeterministic Processes
DIAB-10-12-1 28-12-2010 A GPU-based implementation for Range Queries on Spaghettis Data Structures
DIAB-02-02-30 01-02-2002 A Low-Cost Router Design for k-ary n-cube Networks
DIAB-13-05-1 08-05-2013 A Model-Based Approach for Supporting Offline Interaction with Web Sites Resilient to Interruptions
DIAB-02-01-26 01-06-2002 A new proposal for the synchronization in SPBC
DIAB-00-01-11 01-11-2000 A Process Algebra for Probabilistic and Nondeterministic Processes
DIAB-02-07-27 01-07-2002 A Safe Transformation System For Optimizing Functional Programs
DIAB-01-02-20 01-02-2001 A strategy to compute the Infiniband Arbitration Tables
DIAB-04-12-2 23-12-2004 A Strategy to Reduce the Delay and Implementation Cost of QoS Support in Clusters
DIAB-00-01-08 01-01-2000 A study of particular methods for the approximate construction of some regular polygons by using mathematica
DIAB-12-10-1 09-10-2012 A Taxonomy for Distributed User Interfaces
DIAB-07-08-1 16-08-2007 A Taxonomy of Proposals for Network QoS in Grid Systems
DIAB-03-11-1 10-06-2003 Abductive Inference in Bayesian Networks: A review
DIAB-01-01-19 01-09-2001 Algebraic Theory of Probabilistic and Nondeterministic Processes
DIAB-11-02-2 09-02-2011 An Alternative for Building High-Radix Switches: Application for Special Traffic Patterns
DIAB-11-02-1 07-02-2011 An Alternative for Building High-Radix Switches: Formalization and Configuration Methodology.
DIAB-98-02-01 01-02-1998 An Efficient Protocol for Dynamic Reconfiguration in Irregular Networks
DIAB-11-01-1 13-01-2011 An Empirical Evaluation of Requirement Engineering Techniques for Collaborative Systems
DIAB-16-11-1 30-11-2016 An MDA Approach to Develop Language-Learning Applications
DIAB-10-01-1 25-01-2010 Analítica web: pasado, presente y futuro
DIAB-03-12-2 04-12-2003 Analysing Definitional Trees: Looking for Determinism
DIAB-02-01-32 01-11-2002 Analysis of the MPEG-2 Encoding Algorithm with ROSA
DIAB-13-09-1 27-09-2013 Analyzing Linked Data tools for sharing Architectural Knowledge
DIAB-12-10-2 23-10-2012 Applying stochastic equivalence to performance evaluation in dtsiPBC
DIAB-15-02-1 05-02-2015 Applying Thematic Analysis to define an Awareness Interpretation for Collaborative Computer Games – Survey Questions
DIAB-11-01-3 25-01-2011 ARINC 653 profile for Enterprise Architect tool
DIAB-11-06-1 13-06-2011 Assesing the Understandability of Collaborative Systems Requirements Notations: an Empirical Study - Experimental Material
DIAB-09-06-2 22-06-2009 Automatic deriving choreography-conforming systems of services
DIAB-11-11-1 16-11-2011 Automatic Translation from WS-CDL to Prioritized-Timed Colored Petri Nets by using WST Tool.
DIAB-02-07-24 01-07-2002 Automatic Tupling for Functional-Logic Programs
DIAB-06-09-2 27-09-2006 B-MAC y otros protocolos de control de acceso al medio
DIAB-01-06-22 01-06-2001 Base de datos: Persistencia del espacio-tiempo
DIAB-16-03-1 11-03-2016 Bisimulation equivalence and Performance Evaluation in dtsiPBC
DIAB-04-03-1 25-03-2004 Combining Composition and Tupling for Optimizing Declarative Programs
DIAB-12-04-1 19-04-2012 CSRML Tool: una Herramienta para el Modelado de Requisitos de Sistemas Colaborativos con CSRML - Diagramas
DIAB-08-02-1 04-02-2008 Deadlock-Free Dynamic Network Reconfiguration Based on Close Up*/Down* Graphs
DIAB-06-02-1 16-02-2006 Decoupling the bandwidth and latency bounding for table-based schedulers
DIAB-11-09-1 13-09-2011 Descripción de cierre de actividades IMA2/WP3.1
DIAB-06-07-1 11-07-2006 Descripción de los protocolos de acceso al medio para redes de sensores inalámbricas
DIAB-05-11-1 22-11-2005 Designing Declarative Languages with Laziness and Fuzziness
DIAB-10-03-1 01-03-2010 Discrete time stochastic Petri box calculus with immediate multiactions
DIAB-13-11-1 12-11-2013 Diseño de Aplicaciones Colaborativas Sensibles al Contexto Aplicadas al Aprendizaje
DIAB-05-07-1 07-07-2005 Dynamic Evolution of Congestion Trees: Analysis and Impact on Switch Architecture
DIAB-10-04-1 22-04-2010 Efficient Congestion Management for High-Performance Interconnection Networks with Distributed Routing
DIAB-01-06-21 01-06-2001 Estudio del estado del arte en modelado y ejecución de procesos interorganizacionales
DIAB-11-03-2 08-03-2011 Estudio y validación de sistemas interactivos y tecnología multi-táctil y gestual
DIAB-04-06-1 01-06-2004 Evaluating the effectiveness of traffic balancing algorithms
DIAB-14-03-2 27-03-2014 Evaluating visualization techniques for Architectural Knowledge: experimental material
DIAB-03-02-36 01-02-2003 Evaluation of a subnet management mechanism for Infiniband networks
DIAB-07-01-1 17-01-2007 Extending GridSim to provide computing resource failures
DIAB-06-03-1 24-03-2006 Fast HI-FI prototyping by using IdealXML
DIAB-11-07-1 04-07-2011 Fault tolerance mechanism design description for IMA2
DIAB-10-08-1 27-08-2010 Flexible advance-reservation (FAR) for Clouds
DIAB-04-11-1 26-11-2004 Formal Verification of the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol
DIAB-03-02-35 09-03-2003 Formalizing the Fill in of the InfiniBand Arbitration Table
DIAB-02-01-33 30-11-2002 G. Díaz , F. Cuartero y K. Larsen, P_UPPAL a tool for capturing the probabilistic behaviour of UPPAAL models
DIAB-08-04-2 30-04-2008 Grid Metascheduling Using Network Information: A Proof-of-Concept Implementation
DIAB-08-07-1 19-07-2008 Hardware implementation study of several new egress link scheduling algorithms
DIAB-07-01-2 24-01-2007 HCI design patterns for Space Structured Applications on PDA
DIAB-01-02-17 01-02-2001 Herramienta de análisis de bloques en redes de interconexión
DIAB-01-01-14 01-01-2001 Herramientas de ayuda al diseño y evaluación de sistemas concurrentes
DIAB-11-12-1 09-12-2011 I3ASensorBed: a testbed for wireless sensor networks
DIAB-05-01-4 24-01-2005 IdealXML: an Experience-Based Environment for User Interface Design and pattern manipulation
DIAB-11-01-4 25-01-2011 Identifying proper fault-tolerant mechanisms for IMA2 hardware specification
DIAB-09-07-1 24-07-2009 Implementación Híbrida del método de Falsos Vecinos más cercanos mediante MPI-Pthreas
DIAB-04-12-1 01-12-2004 Implementación y evaluación de un modelo de gestión de la tabla de arbitraje en InfiniBand
DIAB-06-09-1 04-09-2006 Implementing the Advanced Switching Fabric Discovery Process
DIAB-06-02-2 17-02-2006 Implementing the Advanced Switching Minimum Bandwidth Egress Link Scheduler
DIAB-06-06-1 15-06-2006 Improving the flexibility of the Deficit Table scheduler
DIAB-01-04-15 01-04-2001 Incremental compilation of a Bayesian network
DIAB-04-05-1 04-05-2004 Incremental Tupling with Simplification Pre-Process
DIAB-09-06-1 10-06-2009 Instalación y Evaluación de OpenNebula en el Laboratorio RAAP del i3a
DIAB-13-02-3 14-02-2013 Interacción basada en Movimiento: Asistente Virtual para la Creación de Posturas, Ejercicios y Tablas. Ejemplos de Rehabilitación de Equilibrio y Sent
DIAB-13-02-2 14-02-2013 Interacción en Movimiento para la Detección de Caídas y Desmayos Guiada por un Estudio Paramétrico
DIAB-03-01-37 17-09-2003 Introducing the iteration in sPBC
DIAB-06-04-1 07-04-2006 LiO: an easy and flexible library of metaheuristics
DIAB-08-07-2 25-07-2008 Management, Operation and Measurements with GSN, a middleware for Sensor Networks
DIAB-13-05-2 14-05-2013 Metric Data Structures Supported by Heterogeneous Systems
DIAB-04-02-1 02-02-2004 Migration of probability models instead of individuals: an alternative when applying the island model to EDAs
DIAB-05-01-3 24-01-2005 Mining the ESROM: A study of breeding value prediction in Manchego sheep by means of classification techniques + attribute selection and construction
DIAB-02-02-28 01-02-2002 MMR: A Multimedia Router Architecture to Support Integrated Workloads
DIAB-99-01-04 04-01-1999 Modelos temporizados y probabilisticos
DIAB-13-10-1 18-10-2013 N-dimensional Twin Torus Networks
DIAB-15-03-1 18-03-2015 Nacreous: An Adaptive Service–Aware IaaS Cloud Manager
DIAB-08-01-1 31-01-2008 Network-aware Peer-to-Peer Based Grid Inter-Domain Scheduling
DIAB-09-04-2 17-04-2009 Network-aware Peer-to-Peer Based Grid Inter-Domain Scheduling: A performance evaluation
DIAB-06-03-2 31-03-2006 NFS behavior with multimedia clusters. Problems and Solutions
DIAB-02-02-29 01-02-2002 on Buffer Size Requirements of the Multimedia Router (MMR)
DIAB-11-01-2 25-01-2011 Optimizing H.264/AVC Inter Prediction on a GPU-based Framework
DIAB-16-06-1 01-06-2016 Power and Performance Optimization for Heterogeneous Clouds
DIAB-01-02-16 01-02-2001 Protocolos de encaminamiento en Internet
DIAB-99-01-05 05-01-1999 Prototipo de una herramienta de ejecucion de especificaciones en tpal.
DIAB-05-01-5 26-01-2005 Providing QoS over Advanced Switching
DIAB-13-05-3 24-05-2013 Proxywork: Framework to transform from Web Application to Distributable User Interface Web Application
DIAB-12-11-1 16-11-2012 Questionnaires for the Evaluation of Awareness in a Groupware Application
DIAB-01-03-18 01-03-2001 Redes STN y CPN para el Reconocimiento de Rostros
DIAB-10-10-2 26-02-2010 Redundancy and Reconfiguration Study: Solution Description
DIAB-10-10-1 30-11-2009 Redundancy and Reconfiguration Study: State of Art
DIAB-07-06-1 15-06-2007 Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor networks-based network
DIAB-01-04-13 01-04-2001 Searching for the best elimination secuence in Bayesian networks by using Aut Colony based optimization
DIAB-05-01-2 14-01-2005 Seguridad en Servicios Web
DIAB-05-01-1 14-01-2005 Servicios Web
DIAB-04-10-1 26-10-2004 Simulation and Visualization of Timed-Arcs Petri Nets in TPAL
DIAB-07-10-1 31-10-2007 Simulation of Buffer Management Policies in Networks for Grids
DIAB-12-05-1 08-05-2012 Specification and Verification of Normative Specifications using C-O Diagrams
DIAB-11-06-2 28-06-2011 Stochastic equivalence for modular performance evaluation in dtsiPBC
DIAB-14-01-1 28-01-2014 Stochastic equivalence for performance evaluation of concurrent systems in dtsiPBC
DIAB-00-02-10 15-02-2000 Switch Scheduling in the Multimedia Router (MMR).
DIAB-17-07-1 31-07-2017 TagML: Un lenguaje para generar documentos basados en etiquetas
DIAB-00-02-09 01-02-2000 Tecnicas de Planificacion de Conmutadores Orientadas a Garantizar QoS a Trafico Multimedia
DIAB-11-02-4 28-02-2011 Towards a more efficient use of GPUs
DIAB-08-04-1 29-04-2008 Towards consistency in general dependency networks
DIAB-03-02-34 01-02-2003 Traffic Scheduling Solutions with QoS Support for an Input-Buffered MultiMedia Router
DIAB-01-01-12 31-03-2003 Translating a timed process algebra into dynamic stage graphs
DIAB-99-03-06 06-03-1999 Una aproximación neuronal al seguimiento de un objeto a través de su tamaño y su localización.
DIAB-04-02-2 06-02-2004 Una Ontología de la Medición del Software
DIAB-04-03-2 29-03-2004 Unfolding Fuzzy Logic Programs
DIAB-13-02-1 07-02-2013 Usability Evaluation of a CSCW Requirements Engineering CASE Tool – Usability Test Material
DIAB-13-04-1 22-04-2013 User-Centered Reverse Engineering
DIAB-10-03-2 25-03-2010 Using Network Information to Perform Meta-scheduling in Advance in Grids
DIAB-04-11-2 30-11-2004 Verificación de TLS 1.0 y extensiones para redes inalámbricas
DIAB-09-10-1 16-10-2009 WallShare: A Collaborative Multipointer System for Portable Devices
DIAB-09-04-1 16-04-2009 Web Services Choreographies Verification
DIAB-06-05-1 17-05-2006 WS-CDL to Timed Automata Translation


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