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Technical Report
Código: DIAB-12-10-1
Fecha Publicación: 09-10-2012
Título: A Taxonomy for Distributed User Interfaces
Detalle: The appearance of a new generation of user interfaces (UI) which are capable of taking advantage of the diverse and growing ecosystem of interconnected screens give rise to a new distribution paradigm of UIs which are known as Distributed User Interfaces (DUI). This new paradigm is revolutionizing the way user interfaces are created, designed, and used, considering that DUIs give the user the capability to divide the user interface and distribute it among dynamically different devices, thus being capable of completing a task as if it were a traditional UI. This article studies the concept of DUI in depth, while improving previous definitions and obtaining both the theoretical and practical consequences of the new concepts of Divisible User Interface, Distributed User Interface, and Distributable User Interfaces. Based on these concepts, a taxonomy can be presented which will allow the classification of a variety of different proposals, both present and future, thereby establishing a formal base which will be the foundation of all future developments in this field.

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