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 Technical Reports DIAB-18-10-1 

Código:  DIAB-18-10-1
Publicación:  25-10-2018
Título:  Riska-Digital:Development of a Distributed User Interface-based Tool to Support the Acquired Brain Injury Assessment Test

This article describes a software application called \Riska-Digital" that has been designed to help people with acquired brain damage. The solution consists on a distributed user interface (DUI) oriented application, which provides a platform in which di erent tests from the battery of cognitive evaluations of occupational therapy of Loewenstein (LOTCA), can be executed. This application allows the patient to perform most of the tests on a touch screen, while the therapist can observe the results of the test in real time on a monitor. All the session is recorded, allowing the therapist to analyse it later. This article describes the digital version of the Riska cognitive assessment test. The application has been evaluated by a group of occupational therapists obtaining promising results. 


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